Maha Samshan Story

Maha Samshan of Tarapith

"Maha-Shamshan" (great Cremation Ground) of Tarapith

Is considered as an auspicious site, lies very near to the Tarapith Temple. It is pretty well known for the Tantric rituals performed here. It is cremation ground where a wide array of Tantric rituals are performed and Goddess Tara along with her Yoginis (female Spirits), Spirits and Ghosts is believed to reside here. Goddess (Goddess Tara) prevails here in the form of a twinkling of light, like a "Star" (meaning of Tara in Hindi, Sanskrit, Bengali and other languages), a fearsome Tantric aspect of Adya-Shakti (well described in "about blog" page) . Here the Third Eye of "Sati" had fallen and it is recognized as one of the 52 Peeths (where pieces of dead body of Sati had fallen) of Sati, a place reflecting lots of supernatural and
extraordinary powers. If we look back through the pages of history, we can find that Maharishi Vashistha (Guru of Ramachandra), performed rituals or rites over here in order to attain siddha ("perfection" in viewing the deity and obtain her blessing) from Goddess Tara and to get her blessing. In the later stage, the worship of Goddess Tara began with Tantric rituals following the order of Panchamakar Vidhi or Sadhana (well described in "about blog" page). Vashishtha learned this "Vidhi" from Lord Buddha in Tibet, China, after he failed a number of times to attain Siddhi (accomplished), in Kamakhya (Assam). Worshipping with five elements, namely, 1. Madya (Wine) 2. Goddessns (Meat) 3. Matsya (Fish) 4. Hasta Mudra (Parched Grain) 5. Maithuna (Sexual intercourse) is called a Panchamakar Sadhana. Worship of some Gods in Hinduism, basically those who have Taamsi or Tamo (destructive) qualities require this method of worship,
to get rid of desire from within human beings. Lord Shiva describes about this in Kamakhya Tantra, Kankaal Malini Tantra etc, and it is compulsory to get rid of all kinds of desire for meditation purposes and to awaken "KUNDALINI" (Supernatural power contained hidden within one's self). So those who follow the way of Tantra to awaken their Kundalini or those who want to achieve super natural powers, this Maha-Shamshan of Tarapith on the bank of north flowing Dwarka  river is quite significant combined with its supernatural powers. It is also said that it is pretty easy to attain accomplishment by worshiping here.Only a few years, roughly about 8-10 years ago, people were scared to go to this Maha-Shamshan even during the day time. Nights were considered to be more dangerous and terrifying. In the older days when there is a nil rush in Tarapith, Ghosts, Spirits and Yoginis (female Spirits)
marked their presence all over the place. At night, they grew more stronger and active. Even till now, not only at night, people are afraid of visiting the shamshan or sosan (Cremation Ground) in day time also. Some people like Shamshan-SanyasiTantriks (both are strongly related with cremation ground, even they residing over there) who are considered to have supernatural powers to fight against Ghosts and Spirits and also with wild animals were only capable of going to this area fearlessly. Since people in this area are very poor, they do not have enough money to spend for proper cremation using wood and to pay the charges of the Dome (a section of people who cremate dead bodies in shamshan in Hindu community), So, they use to perform only Mukh Agni kriya (a rite performed to a dead, in which his son light the fire) and then sepulcher the dead
body under the soil. Such bodies are buried all over the place and hence, this cremation ground has spread over a wide area. Dogs, foxes and other wild animals start digging grave and eat dead bodies from there. Nowadays such incidents also happen but it is quite rare, while previously it was a very normal scenario. Here, it is very easy to find a freshly dug grave and the bones, flesh and other body parts spread all over. Not only this, there is a fear of violence among the existing Ghosts, Spirits and Yoginis also. In reality, shamshan or Cremation ground is a place for Wandering of the soul of the deceased; and in this particular shamshan, all such souls stay with Goddess. She has given shelter to themThis place is full of supernatural powers and has a blessing of Goddess or Goddess and other deities. One of the Benson of Goddess was bestowed upon Maharishi Vashistha (Guru of Ramchandra and son of lord Brahma). The bones and Maha-Sankha (human skull) is easily available in the grave yards, which is compulsorily required in Tantra-Sadhana , Pishach-Siddhi etc. Most importantly, the river Dwarka prevailing here flows in the direction of north. Rivers flowing in north direction are considered to have supernatural powers. One such river is the Ganga in Kashi or Varanasi, which is also very famous regarding performance of tantric rituals. Goddess uses her yoginis, ghosts and spirits to test the mental strength of her worshiper during meditation, whether he gets afraid and leaves the execration process of worship or meditation. She tests the worshiper in various ways and wants to see how fearless her devotee is. A true devotee of Goddess, needs to undergo some very hard and terrifying test. If the worshiper can successfully cross all the obstacles through the
process of meditation, Goddess blesses worshiper by granting all his wish.

According to Hindu Iconography if a person is not married or has not crossed the age of 12 years, he/she should be buried and his dead body is not burnt in fire. Such a ritual is applicable in case of sages also. In this Maha-Shamshan there are plenty of graves of Sages. Vaishnava (people who are the followers of Lord Vishnu or incarnations of his) grave yard is different from the one for Shaiva sects (people who are the followers of Shiva and Shakti and their incarnations) . All the visitors have to roam around here without wearing shoes or any footwear. At all times, there may be the holy presence of Goddess and her Yoginis, and even Vairabh also. So it is necessary to remove footwear before entering the Maha-Shamshan..

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