Taramaa's Story

Maa Tara in Tarapith


This Temple of "Goddess Tara in her manifestation of Ugra Tara" is situated in Chandipur village, block Rampurhat of Birbhum District, in West Bengal State, India. This is among one of the fifty-two Shakti Peetha's of Sati (incarnation of Adhya-Shakti and 16th daughter of Prajapati Daksha or King Daksha

who is the son of lord Brahma and ruler of the earth). According to legendary Hindu mythology “Sati” was the first wife of Lord Shiva, who is the lord of Destruction. "Sati" sacrificed herself in the fire of the Yajna (Spiritual Practice of fire-offering to God), held at the home of Sati’s father Prajapati-Daksha, after she had heard disrespectful speeches about her husband Lord Shiva. Sati's father Prajapati-Daksha did not like Shiva (because of his activities related to destruction, his residing in Shamshan Cremation Ground and his being poor, apply pyre ash on her body and once a head of his father Brahma, was cut by him). He had also not invited Lord Shiva his family and followers, to this Yajna ceremony, even though he had invited each and every one from the entire Universe. When Lord Shiva came to know about the fact that Sati had sacrificed herself in the Yajna, with utter resentment he destroyed the Yajna of Prajapati-Daksha with her incarnation as Maha-Kali and Birbhadra with his millions of followers. After destroying everything, Shiva carried Sati’s dead body over his shoulder and started the “Tandav Nritya” (Dance Macabre) or the dance of destruction, as a result of which destruction of the world had begun. Prajapati (who nourish his people) or Lord Brahma with all Gods, pray to lord Vishnu to protect the earth from Shiva's dance of destruction.
When Lord Vishnu (The sustain-er of three worlds, earth, heaven and hades) saw the dance of Lord Shiva, he felt that if Lord Shiva would not stop his process of destruction, everything in this universe would be destroyed. So, he tore the dead body of Sati into pieces using his Sudarshan Chakra (A weapon which is round with cutting teeth and it spins around at a very high speed) . Each piece of her dead body fell at different places, scattered in Indian Sub-Continent, where a "Shakti-Peeth" (Shakti is a feminine term and represents female power in Hinduism) has come into being. Then Lord Shiva calmed down and went to practice strict meditation in his home in Kailash Mountain. It is said that here at Chandipur Village or Tarapith, on the bank of "Dwarka" river, which is north faced, the third eye of Sati had fallen, which symbolized the anger with destruction.

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